Forensic Psychiatry in Islamic Jurisprudence

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Kutaiba S Chaleby
5.8 x 8.3 inches
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  • Forensic Psychiatry in Islamic Jurisprudence
  • Forensic Psychiatry in Islamic Jurisprudence


This is the first book in Forensic Psychiatry that focuses on the application of psychiatry to legal issues connected with Islamicjurisprudence. Holding a unique position amongst the world’s religions in its containment of every aspect of human existence, it is openly natural for Islam to govern both the spiritual and legislative aspects of life. It is therefore not surprising that one of the most important conclusions drawn by the study is the ability of Islamic jurisprudence to cover almost every issue raised in the field of forensic psychiatry. The range of interpretations encompassing these issues is so wide that a match for many aspects of different secular laws can be found in at least one of the four schools of thought. This gives contemporary psychiatry in any Islamic country a broad spectrum of tools to work with, enabling the utilisation of options specific to particular societal and cultural norms. This book will appeal to both the general as well as the academic reader drawing important and wide-ranging conclusions relevant for many individuals and societies in the Islamic world.

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