Helpful Guidelines In Enduring People's Harm

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  • Helpful Guidelines In Enduring People's Harm
  • Helpful Guidelines In Enduring People's Harm


Shaykh Abdur Razzaaq bin Abdul Muhsin al-Badr, may Allah preserve him, explains a splendid treatise of Shaykh-ul Taymiyyah (May Allah have mercy upon him) concerning the issue of enduring people's harm. A small excerpt from the book: Indeed, patience is one of the greatest status in the religion and occupies one of its loftiest classes. Allāh mentions it in numerous places throughout His Book. Imām Ahmad (may Allah have mercy upon him) said about it, "Allāh mentions patience in the Noble Qur'ān more than ninety times."[1] This statement (of Imām Ahmad) shows in a clear fashion the great and prestigious status of Patience; in addition to the servants' dire need to practice if in both performing acts of obedience and abandoning acts of disobedience; patience is also required during destined trials to avoid impatience and displeasure. The servant is in need of patience. Patience accompanies the Muslim in all of his circumstances; it is essential in performing acts of obedience, avoiding acts of disobedience, and receiving trials with what pleases Allāh. So how much in need is the Muslim (of this)! Rather, he is in more severe need to adorn himself with patience in all of his circumstances! Allāh mentions Patience in numerous places throughout the Qur'ān. It comes in the form of a command; it comes in the form of a prohibition (i.e., impatience); It comes in the form of a praise to those who have. The Qur'ān mentions what Allāh has prepared for them of an abundant reward and beautiful abode. Unlimited glad tidings are promised to those who have patience. Allāh informs (us) that He loves them, and that He gives them aid, support, and protection; Patience is mentioned in different shapes/forms elsewhere in the Book of Allāh. All of this attest to the great status of Patience; its lofty station, and (our) urgent need for it.

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