Noble Quran (Medium Size 6 X 8.7 Inch)

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Dr. Muhammad Muhsin Khan
( 6 X 8.7 Inch)
Publication Year:
  • Interpretation of the meanings of the Noble Qur'an,Noble Qur'an Arabic-English (6x9" HB)
  • Interpretation of the meanings of the Noble Qur'an
  • Interpretation of the meanings of the Noble Qur'an
  • Interpretation of the meanings of the Noble Quran
  • Noble Qur'an Arabic-English (6x9" HB)
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This Interpretation of the Neanings of the Noble Quran has revised and the following changes have been made.

# Each verse has been put separately with its English interpretation.

# The Arabic text of the Noble Quran has been taken from Mushaf Al- Madinah An-Nabawiyyah, which has been printed by the Mujamma’ of King A.H., according to the instructions of the Vice-Chancellor of the Islamic University, Instead of the old Arabic text of the previous print of this book which was printed in the United States and Turkey, by the Turkish Calligrapher Sheikh Hamid al-Amadi.

# There is some additions and subtractions of Chapters and Ahadith from Sahih Al-Bukhari and other Ahadith Collections.

# Some additions, corrections, and alterations have been made to improve the English translation and to bring the English interpretation very close to the correct and exact meanings of the Arabic text.

# As regards the old edition of this book, nobody is allowed to reprint or to reproduce it after this new edition has been published.

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