Tell Me About the Creation

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Harun Yahya
8.3 x 11.7 inches
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  • Tell Me About the Creation
  • Tell Me About the Creation
  • Tell Me About the Creation
  • Tell Me About the Creation


The intention of this book is to enable us to see the Miracle of Creation in things we often encounter in the world around us, but to which we give no special thought. Throughout our entire lives, most of us think about our own materialistic needs and lead a life far removed from God, thus failing to see the evidence of God’s existence. For interested readers, this book will open up new horizons on the wonder of God’s Creation. Perusal and understanding this book will be important steps in arriving at an understanding of the Creator.

Though innumerable theories have been put forward concerning the evolution of life on earth, the fact that none of them have stood up to scientific scrutiny is discussed in detail in this book. The aim of the author is to encourage readers to think about basic, faith related issues, such as the existence of God and His Greatness, and to expose the distortions of many currently held theories and beliefs.

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